Federation of Sudanese Businessmen and Employers

MissionMission :
Work to create a good atmosphere of the friendly relations between the parties to the production (workers and employers), and among the business sector (themselves) and the competent authorities of the State.
Work to promote national investment and advancing the educational activities of local economic channels of communication with counterpart associations and regional and international links.
Advancement of studies and economic research, and support research to develop industry, trade, agricult .



Toimprove economic performance of the state and achieve the aspirations of thebusiness at all sectors, and to stimulate the economic potential of theeconomy, the partial contribution towards the development plans and .

President of the Union speech

for Mtgierat which is taking place in the world in various fields which overlapped removed overlap political boundaries and communities united in one global village, it goes without saying that these transformations have positive and negative implications for the future economic and social development, particularly in developing countries. Reflected these changes at the state level to reduce its role as the in .

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